What REAL Soap Is


I make soap with Cold Process method. Cold Process method is the traditional way to make soaps that has been used for centuries. ʻAuʻAu Bar Soap is made from pure olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil and Hawaiian macadamia nut oil with an alkaline solution. The oils and alkaline water are combined and stirred. This is when the necessary chemical reaction takes place and the alkaline solution binds with the oil to form soap (Magic✨). Then the soap batter is poured into molds and left to set for few days. When the soap is set, the soap is taken off of the molds and cut it into size. Then cured for 4 weeks. The cold process method creates a natural glycerine by-product. Glycerin molecules are leftover when the fatty acids react and combine to the alkaline water.  Most major soap manufacturers remove glycerin from their soaps and sell it to be incorporated into cosmetics as a moisturizer. My soap retains all of its natural glycerin creating a creamy and rich lather that nourishes the skin and hair as it cleans.