Beauty Butter ROSELANI

Beauty Butter ROSELANI


ʻauʻau Beauty Butter is a moisturizer that has a richer texture than ʻauʻau Beauty Oils.

We recommend to use ʻauʻau Beauty Butter for dry, sun kissed / damaged  and mature skin.


When skin is not thoroughly moisturized, it overcompensates by producing more oil and sebum leading to oilier skin and clogged pores. ʻauʻau Beauty Butters are made with 100% natural plant based oils that will thoroughly hydrate skin without clogging pores.  This allows your skin find the balance it needs.

Traditional cream moisturizers and lotions are high in synthetic emulsifying agents with very few effective ingredients.  ʻauʻau Beauty Butters are formulated with only effective non synthetic ingredients. The easily absorbed oils help to rejuvenate and protect skin.

ʻauʻau Beauty Butter also can be used as an eye cream to minimize wrinkles.


Suggested Uses:

ʻauʻau Beauty Butters are formulated to melt at body temperature. Apply ʻauʻau Beauty Butter to slightly damp/dry skin then allow it to melt into skin.


ʻauʻau Beauty Butter appears creamy and semisolid at room temperature.

Best when kept in away from high temperature as it will change consistency and texture. Treat as you would your chocolate bar.    


Key Ingredients:

・Hawaiian Macadamia nut oil

・Shea butter

・Hawaiian Beeswax

・100% Pure Essential oils


2 oz tin can  

Made in Hawaiʻi

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